Grace Secret Sisters

What is the Secret Sisters Ministry all about?
Secret Sisters is a ministry between you and another woman in our church family.
You become. her silent prayer partner and her secret encourager. She doesn't know
who you are, but she will  know you are there, and praying for her and thinking of her!

Why is Secret Sisters so important?
Secret Sisters is about encouraging, supporting, and edifying one another in prayer as well as
with personal notes, cards and small gifts. It is our hope that during these weeks your prayer life
will bring you into a deeper relationship with God as you lift your sister and her needs up as well.
What do I do for Secret Sisters?
There are many different ways to encourage, support and edify your sister! Think outside of the
box and let God inspire you!
• Encourage: Cards, thoughtful notes, poems, bookmarks, a journal or maybe her favorite candy
bar or snack can be a delightful surprise. Let the ideas flow from your heart.

How do I sign up for a Secret Sister?
Please sign up using the  form below.

What do I do as a secret sister?
Review her personal profile sheet to get ideas and remember to keep gifts small.
Maybe youwould like to make her something homemade or possibly you will find the perfect little trinket at
the store that totally reminds you of your secret sister.
But if you do not have the money, do not feel obligated to get a gift. Your words, even on a blank
piece of paper, can go so far! And don't forget that prayer is a powerful encourager!
• Support: Send a Bible verse or a special quote that you feel she would like. Maybe it is a comic strip forsome laughs!
 Maybe it is secretly arranging a meal to show up at her door when you know she is very busy or someone in her family is ill.
• Edify: In other words, find a way to lift her up! If you are around others that know her, speak
well of her, compliment her, maybe even to her face (if you can still keep your secret of being
her secret sister). Learn what her love language is (words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts,
physical touch, quality time, etc.).
• Don't forget prayer! You do not have to do anything more than that, the above is just a list of